Photo Montage

Photo Montage Videos

Photo videos make wonderful gifts for family members, friends, classmates, and is a great way to preserve history for your children and grandchildren.Photo Montage

Our award-winning specialty! We will take your photos, slides, music, and video and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that’s perfect for:


Given as a birthday gift to others or as entertainment at a special party, let us create a DVD with your special photos and/or video clips, set to music. This is sure to be a big hit!


Either to be shown at your party or given to your spouse as a special, one of a kind gift, let us take your photos, music, and/or video clips to create a DVD that will be treasured for years to come.


Take your intended’s childhood photos, special songs and/or video clips and let us create a DVD that will bring tears and joy to you and your wedding guests. Show it at your wedding, reception, or give out copies to those who mean the most to you. Play it again at your milestone anniversaries!!

 Family Photos:

Video offers you a simple way to protect priceless moments. Instead of having your family photos stored in albums, let us transfer them to a DVD. Having your photos on a DVD not only safeguards them for generations, it also makes them easily available to all family members. Everyone can now have copies of those priceless family moments!


Do you have a family or school reunion coming up? We can help increase the success of your reunion by creating a “Retro” video.¬† This is always a fun part of the event, some will laugh, some cry, but everyone has a great time reminiscing. Make sure you get enough copies for everyone!

Company Event:

Whether it’s a holiday celebration or the annual company picnic everyone enjoys seeing themselves on the big screen and nothing is better than boosting company morale! Let us create a unique DVD with your photos, logos, catch phrases, and video clips, and watch the energy grow!


A memorial video is a meaningful and comforting way to commemorate the life of a loved one, and to ensure that their wit and wisdom will live on. A collection of words and pictures set to the music of their era, a memorial video will provide a touching tribute for a memorial service and a trove of memories for the future

A Photo Montage Video offers you a simple way to protect these priceless moments. The best part? Instead of being locked into some album, family photos are now available to all family members. Everyone can now have copies of those priceless family moments!

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