Sports Scholarship Videos

We create videos to assist students in their recruiting process. With college tuition fees rising all the time, we can assist you by videotaping the student, utilizing video that’s already been taped with our quality production services, presenting the best footage that will showcase them to the colleges/universities of their choice.

This is not just game footage or a monologue. Our goal is to make your student stand out in the crowd, focusing on their best attributes. We can create DVD’s, or video files, and /or host the video online. These videos are created to maintain interest, garnering the attention of the person viewing your video. Adding coaches and teachers interviews and even the athlete themselves helps to promote the student.

Each situation is unique, so call our office to discuss the video that will give your star student a competitive edge.

Gather all those video tapes from the past few years and bring them to us. We will produce a 5 to 15 minute highlight video designed to create interest and excitement about your athlete from the coaches and athletic directors.

Sports is a big business now, and a full or partial scholarship really helps offset expenses. Your Scholarship Video puts your athlete in front of the right people.

Questions and Answers…

 How do we get started? What do we need?

If you already have video footage on tape, gather them up and determine which tapes and clips will be the best to use. If you need help with this, we can help. Often times the school will have game tapes that you can use as well. We can take virtually any format.

If you are lacking good footage and want us to professionally videotape your athlete in action we can do that too. Just give us a call.

What makes an effective sports video?

Well, the first requirement is good video highlighting your athlete. We can do many things in editing that help make your son or daughter stand out, but the better video you have to start, the better the end product will be. Having us shoot footage of your athlete can help add a professional touch but it is not necessary if you already have good footage.   In addition, have a stats page ready (academic and athletic), a tape of the athlete doing drills (speed, skills), and if possible, tape of the coach / teachers talking about the athlete.

How long should our Sport Scholarship Video be?

As a general rule, 5 – 15 minutes maximum. This would not include a full game tape, which we recommend you add to the end of your video. Coaches often like to see un-edited game footage in addition to the highlight footage. We would, of course, put this on the same DVD.

How much will our Scholarship Video cost?

That is a good question. Pricing for Sport Scholarship videos varies depending on how much involvement we have in the shooting and clip selection process. If you follow our guidelines and are well prepared, you could expect your video to take between ($350 – $500). This would include the interview shoot with your child (which we HIGHLY recommend). It is our goal to complete your project in the shortest amount of time possible while maintaining a HIGH level of quality. Our mutual goal it to help your son or daughter win a scholarship worth potentially thousands of $$’s. So in the end, we hope to SAVE you LOTS of money!!

What if my child is still in Junior High? Is it too early to meet with you?

If you think your student athlete is headed towards excelling in a sport and obtaining a potential scholarship it would be an excellent idea to meet with us to discuss the best way to capture your child on tape. Not only will you have a head start on the process you’ll be gathering wonderful family memories at the same time.

Please contact us today for your scholarship video.