Why Archive Your Family Memories

Three reasons to consider archiving

Over years of building a life for yourself and your family you have built up quite a collection of memento’s and legal documents.  You find them in this drawer or that drawer, some on high shelves…mostly forgotten.  The only time you look at them is when you move to a new home where they sit and are not looked at there.


The three reasons for archiving is first, in the event of a catastrophe Flooded Houseand you lose your possessions, you will have a back up copy of all your important documents, photos, slides, film, videotape, and audiotapes.


Popcorn-clapperSecond, these memories are meant to be shared, not sit on a shelf or a drawer.  You will be able to find that certain picture, re-live that family reunion video.


Third, your pictures, videotape, and film fade over timeBoy BadHow long depends on how they were stored over the years.  By digitizing them now you are helping leave your legacy.

Your pictures can be digitized, cleaned up and saved as files for you to view on your phone or computer or emailed to friends and family.  You could also take those pictures and create a photo montage video put to your favorite music.