Steps to transfer your film

Find all your home movie reels, in closets, drawers, hopefully not in attics.  Also, ask relatives if they have film of you growing up.

Put them in the order you think they should go and number them(1,2,3,…). In some cases you don’t know what is on a particular reel however still number the video reel.  I have helped customers by transferring the film in phase one, they take home a DVD and I title the reels on the DVD with the reel numbers.  After review at home they provide me a list of the proper order of the reels, I edit the order and then create the final product.

  • Decide if you want to have titles for each reel, or group of reels included on the video.
  • Decide what music you want with your film.
  • Decide if you want the video delivered as a DVD or on a hard drive supplied by you.
  • Decide what you want on the DVD label.
  • Decide how many DVD copies you would like.




To determine how much film you have, use the image above and count the number of 3″, 5″, and/or 7″ reels you have.

Don’t procrastinate! Your film is continuing to lose quality.

Contact us to discuss your fim transfer project.